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Khirai-The Veil of Flowers

Nearby Tourist Spot


You may go and enjoy the majestic site scenes of the place which is with-in a short distance from our residence, also you can enjoy a junket after carrying your delicious meal from our restaurant.

A short excursion is barely to dodge the stressful ordinary life. Undoubtedly, A Day in The Veil of Flowers “Khirai” will leave you lofty in the fields of the countryside. This popular destination is famous amongst the few where you may find the majority of the people from the nearest districts of Bengal. The main attraction is the vast acres of farmland cultivated with varieties of flowers.

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Sitting in the secluded, quiet setting of Hotel Rio, you can enjoy dinner, lunch, or whatever you like with your family. You can order any food you like for yourself and your loved ones at any event. You can also visit other places from Hotel Rio to enjoy the natural beauty, such as Digha, Gangani, Kangsavati river dam, etc



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