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Kurumbera fort

Nearby Tourist Spot

kurumbera fort

You may go and enjoy the majestic site scenes of the place which is with-in a short distance from our Rio Restaurant, also you can enjoy a junket after carrying your delicious meal from our Rio Restaurant.

The Kurumbera Fort is a medieval fort situated in Gaganeshwar village, southeast of Keshiari, at about four kilometres from that town. The fort has small quarters and temples. It is a protected monument under the Archaeological Survey of India.

Kurumbera Fort is situated in a village named Gaganeshwar, not serviced by any buses. To reach Gaganeshwar, take the State Highway to Keshiari, at about 27 km from Kharagpur, turn left towards Belda and reach a village junction called Kukai, at about 2 km from Keshiari. Turn to the right into a Concrete (pucca) road, Gaganeshwar village lies at about 2 km from Kukai.A structure inside Kurumbera Fort

This is an ancient fort preserved by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) under the Ancient Monuments Act. There is huge courtyard ringed by a pillared corridor and there are three spherical domes. There is also some kind of an altar in the middle of the fort. This monument resembles the architecture of ancient Odisha.

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